• 2013-14 CalChess Super States
    April 26 and/or 27 @ Santa Clara Convention Center (map)
    Blitz: April 25 @ Santa Clara Convention Center (map)
    Bughouse: April 26 @ Santa Clara Convention Center (map)

    K, 1-3, 4-5, and 4-6 Championships will be called Lonsdale Elementary Championships to thank Joe Lonsdale for his sponsorship of the event!
    Dear Players, Parents, Coaches, and Friends:
    Warm welcome to 39th CalChess State Scholastic Championship at the Santa Clara Convention Center and SFO Airport Hyatt Regency! Enjoy the largest State event without without increase in the entry fees since 2008!
    This year's event spans two weekends to accommodate our players who wish to play in the National Junior High Championship on April 25-27 in Atlanta that is at the same time as the CalChess SuperStates. The State Championship for Junior High (and Middle) School will be on April 12-13 at SFO Airport Hyatt Regency while as all other grades will be at the usual place in Santa Clara Convention Center on April 25-27.
    What does this mean for you?
    1. Elementary (K-6) School players are advised to play in both events so that they can get tournament practice on April 12-13 and play in the big event on April 25-27.
    2. Middle (5-8) and Junior High (7-8) School players are advised to play in April 12-13 event for the Champship event but may also play on April 25-27.
    3. High (9-12) players may only play on April 25-27.

    Be there or be a weak square!
    Salman Azhar, Ph.D.,
    Chief Organizer, Annual CalChess State Scholastics Championships since 2008
    This is a State Tournament authorized by CalChess and US Chess Federation (USCF)! The winners of this event will be crowned State Champions!
  • Individual Prizes

    Main Event: Top players with winning record in each section and all players in KG section
    Blitz: Top players with winning record in each section
    Bughouse: Trophies to both players of the top teams with a winning record in each section.

    Team Prizes

    Main Event: Top 12 schools and clubs in each section (and all teams in KG section)
    A team is two or more players from a school in the same section. If there are two or less players from the same school, they may be combine with other players from the after-school enrichment club in their school to form club teams. Top four players' scores count for the team total.
    Blitz: Trophies to the top all schools and all clubs in each section (minimum two players/team and Top four players' scores count for the team total.
    Bughouse: Trophies to both players of the top teams with a winning record in each section. (Section determined by higher grade team member.)

    Trophy Pick-up

    It is always best if you collect the trophy awards at the awards presentation. However, if you can't receive your trophy at the award ceremony, please ask a friend to pick the trophies for free. Alternatively, you may ask us to pack and keep your trophies to be picked up on Sat May 3, 2014 at 4:45pm from Bay Area Chess HQ at 1639A S Main Street, Milpitas, CA 95035.

    Entry Fee 4/25-27

    K Kindergarten 48
    K-3 unrated &
    rated <800 sections
    K-3 Rookie
    K-3 Beginner
    K-3 Jr Varsity

    4-12 unrated &
    rated <800 sections
    4-6 Rookie (unr)
    4-6 Beginner (u500)
    4-6 Jr Varsity (500-799)
    7-12 Rookie (unr)
    7-12 Beginner (u800)
    1-12 800+ sections
    (except 9-12 1600+)
    K-3 Championship (800+)
    4-5 Championship (800+)
    4-6 Championship (800+)
    7-12 Jr Varsity (800-1600)
    7-12 1600+ 7-12 Championship (1600+) 60
    K-12 Blitz K-3 Blitz
    4-6 Blitz
    7-12 Blitz
    K-12 Bughouse K-3 Bughouse
    4-6 Bughouse
    7-12 Bughouse

    Late/Change Fees

    Late Fees: $10 4/18-20, $20 4/21-24. $40 4/25 12a-5pm or Onsite
    Change Fees: $0 until 4/20, $10 4/24, $20 4/2512a-5pm or Onsite

    Entry Fee 4/12-13

    K-8 unrated 48
    K-8 rated <800 48
    6-8 800-1199 48
    6-8 1200+ 60
    K- Gr 6
    rated 100-499 *
    K - Gr 6 800+ * 49
    K-12 Bughouse 12
    * These sections are for K-6 players who want to get some match practice under real tournament conditions.

    Late Fees

    $10 4/7-8, $20 4/9-10, $40 4/11 12a-5pm
  • Sponsor's Needed!

    We need your help to meet the increasing costs. Please sponsor or introduce any sponsors to us and we will make it worthwhile for them. Contact us for more information.

    Need Financial Aid?

    Send a letter from your principal or some other proof that you are on the school free lunch program.
    Please send a copy of the most recent payroll stub and the latest income tax return of the player's parent(s) or guardian(s) .
    Send a letter from a coach.
    Contact us for more information.

    What's New?

    1. April 2014 Supplement will be used.

    2. Middle/JuniorHigh School Championship will be held on April 12-13. The non-Championship sections of the of Grades 7-12 will be combined as follows on
    a. April 12-13: 6-8 Rookie (Unrated), 6-8 Beginner (u800), 6-8 Jr. Varsity (800-1199), 6-8 1200+ (Championship)
    b. April 26-27: 7-12 Rookie (Unrated), 7-12 Beginner (u800), 7-12 Jr. Varsity (800-1599), 7-12 1600+ (Championship)

    3. Free T-shirts with early registration (before 3/15). Regular Price remains the same: Pre-paid $15; onsite $20 (limited onsite availability).

    4. We have discontinued the no-refund policy: Refunds are available if you cancel more than 1 week before the tourney for a service charge of $20.

    5. If there are three or more players from a school, they will automatically form a team for their school. If there are less than three players from the same school, they can play as a school team or as a club team. However if their school offers an on-site after school program, they have to play as a club from that after-school program. All these changes must be made at least three days (4/9 or 4/23) before the tournament starts.
    Click here to get the detailed CalChess regulations (section 4.9.)

    Organizers and TDs

    Chief TDs: National TD Tom Langland and National TD John McCumiskey
    Chief Organizers: Salman Azhar, PhD, Judit Sztary, Ph.D, and Aamir Azhar

    Other TDs: Wolfgang Behm, Justin Easterday, Richard Koepcke, Jordan Langland, Kerry Lawless, Scott Mason, Sankar Swaminathan, and others