• BAC Intermediate Team

    Head Coach: IM Kostya Kavutskiy (12742780)
    and IM Faik Aleskerov (13669090)

    Team Members

    Kostya's Team:
    Mihir Achyuta
    William Chen
    Karun Kaushik
    Reeshabh Kotecha
    Aditya Naranyan
    Prabhav Pragash
    Achintya Rai
    Eshaan Rawat
    Rajat Rawat
    Mikko Saikola
    Adway Sane

    Faik's Team:
    Kenneth Bui
    Michael Chang
    Sanjana Das
    Rohan Das
    Sean Hayes
    Sathvik Rajasekaran
    Divyansh Rajesh Jain
    Yasmine Rostami
    Andy Zhang
    William Xu


    BAC Teams

    BayAreaChess' teams have started in August 2015 by inviting some of the Bay Area's most dedicated scholastic players with the mission to provide them with a format of training where they can elevate their chess to the next level. We do this by offering strong training with title player coaches combined with a team oriented method of training and support that will give these young players a valuable experiene they can appoly to both their chess and to their personal lives.

    This is a team for players with 1000+ rating.
    Do you think you'd be a good fit to this team, and would like us to consider you?
    Please, email us why you should be considered and what value you thinkg you bing to the BAC Team. All submissions will be considered.

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    Schedule of team-meetings

    Team Meeting
    # of Classes
    Team Building
    Events - Free
    4, x, 18, 25
    1, 8, x, 22, x
    6, 13, 20, x

    List of tournaments BAC team members are encouraged to attend in 2017
    and the "off weekends" are designed around these tournaments:

    March 24/25-25 BAC Spring Championship (www.bayareachess.com/champs)
    April 28/29-30 BAC Summer Start Championship (www.bayareachess.com/champs)
    May 27/28-29 Best of the West Championship (www.bayareachess.com/bestwest)


Upcoming Tournaments
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