• Regular Tournaments

    for adults & advanced kids

  • Your Guide to BayAreaChess' Regular events

    New to our site? Don't know where to start?
    Let us guide you through our regular tournament offerings!

    These are for playerso of all ages and levels.
    Only if you are under18 and under 1000 rated, we suggest checking out the scholastic only tournaments.

    1. Totally new to chess? Learn chess & basics with us!

    Learn the moves, basic principles, how to checkmate, and play through a game.
    Weekend Club information & registrations are through our enrichment website:

    2. Can you play through a game and checkmate?
    Start playing in tournaments and experience the excitement!
    1-day Grandprix touranments

    BAC offers a variety of 1-day grandprix tournaments at different locations around the Bay Area, as well as different time controls varied event by event. Choose what fits you the best!
    G/45 - ideal to tranwition from scholastic to regular tournent
    G/61 - best use of your day, 4 rated games in 1 day!
    G/75 - 3 rounds of rated game that is popular all across the community
    G/90 - 3 rounds of longest time control possible for a 1-day tournment. Very popular among the higher rated players.

    All tournaments are rated, USCF membership is required. Rating is usually updated within 24 hours.
    Depending on location and time control the venues might fill up 4-5 days in advance, so register early!

    More info: www.bayareachess.com/grandprix

    3. BAC Championship - weekend tournaments

    Half a dozen weekend long touranments for $5000 up for grabs.
    We offer two different schedules so choose what fits you the best:
    Start Friday evening and play all 5 rounds with G/90;d5 time control
    Stard Saturday morning and play 2 games G/61;d5 before merging with the 3-day schedule.

    Tournaments are rated, USCF membership is required. Rating is usually updated within 24 hours.
    This tournament is super popular, with regularly hosting GMs and IMs.
    New Milpitas venue is bit bigger, with maximum capacity around 120.
    Register early to secure your spot!
    More information: www.bayareachess.com/champ

    4. Fun Friday evening events: Blitz, Simuls & Special Events

    Occasionally we organize fast chess tournaments, so called Blitz, G/5.
    Also often we have simuls with visiting GMs/IMs as well as special lectures and other events.

    5. Special, State and National Events

    BAC organizes several long weekend special events as well as
    BAC is proud to be the organizer of several CalChess State and US National Championship.

    These are usually 5 or 6 rounds tournament with $10,000+ prize fund.
    Time control varies based on schedule, and tournament.
    Titled players are almost always expected to compete in the Open Section.
    We do FIDE rate both Open and Section A.

    Some of the special tournments that we have organized in the past, and expected to organize in the upcoming years:

    Early January - New Year Amateur Championship (www.bayareachess.com/ny)
    May - Best of the West Championship (www.bayareachess.com/bestwest)
    July - People's Championship (www.bayareachess.com/peoples)
    November - CA Warfare Championship (www.bayareachess.com/tg)
    Spring - US Amateur Team West Championship (www.bayareachess.com/usatw)
    Fall - CalChess State Team Championship (www.bayareachess.com/calchessteam)

    Tournaments are rated, USCF membership is required. Rating is usually updated within 24 hours.
    CalChess tournaments also require $5 CalChess memhership.
    Check the upcoming special events in the dropdown menu.
  • General Tournament Informaitons

    Some of the links and pages we created for general information

    1. Totally new to chess?

    Learn the basics of chess tournament types, and what you need to do. Typical questions we often get: What is Swiss and Quads, what does time control means... All these you will find the answers to.

    2. Memberships

    There are two types of memberships you can purchase on BayAreaChess' website:
    USCF membership - this is mandatory for all rated tournaments.
    The uscf membership price depends on the age of the player and it's good for 12 months.
    Age 12 & under- $17
    Age 15 & under - $22
    Age 22 & under - $26
    Age 25 & up - $40

    BayAreaChess memberships are NOT required to play in any tournament.
    We offer this for customers who would like to enjoy a 25% discount.

    3. Discounts - How can I pay less? :)

    Once you are attending tournaments, you'll realize that they quickly adds up.
    How can you save? We offer two types of discounts:
    1) multi tournament discount - no membership required
    2) 25% discount - BAC Basic membership.
    For more information on the discounts: www.bayareachess.com/discounts
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