• Special Event

    ChessBase Training

    IM Kostya Kavutskiy

    Sunday, Feb 25th
    @t the new BAC Office

    Sunday, Feb 25th at 2PM - 6PM

    @ NEW BayAreaChess Center
    2050 Concourse Drive, #42, San Jose, CA 95131 (map)

    Register online
    - Flyer

    Onsite Registration: 1:30-2pm

    Class Requirement:
    every player should have a computer with Chessbase program installed.

    Chessbase Topics
    The Basics
    Creating new databases and organizing files
    Installing & using engines
    Analyzing and annotating games
    Searching for games by player, opening, position
    Researching openings
    Using MegaDatabase/CB Online Database

    in class exercises such as:
    Have students create a database for their games and analyze/annotate a recent game of theirs in Chessbase.

    Class Fee: $40
    Register HERE

    Class is limited to 20 students.

    USCF Rated BLITZ

    Recurring Event for all ages and levels with low $12 entry fee

    Dates (more will be added soon):

    Jan 19 (7:30-9:30p) @ BayAreaChess Center (map) - register online

    Feb 16 (7:30-9:30p) @ BayAreaChess Center (map) - register online

    Mar 16 (7:30-9:30p) @ BayAreaChess Center (map) - register online

    Apr 7 via Super States
    @ Santa Clara Convention Center - only for scholastic players - register online

    Apr 20 (7:30-9:30p) @ BayAreaChess Center (map) - register online

    May 18 (7:30-9:30p) @ BayAreaChess Center (map) - register online
    •  Sections & Prizes

      2 Sections:

    • Schedule and Fees

      Registration: 7-7:15pm 
      Time Control: 8 x G/5 d0
      (4 rounds of double round of
      Game in 5 min with 0 second delay)

      Rounds: 7:30-9:30pm
      Entry Fee: 12