• BayAreaChess First-Team


    Saturdays 3PM - 5PM
    @ the new BAC Chess Center 

    @ 2050 Concourse Drive Suite #42, San Jose, CA 95131 (map)

    Saturdays 10AM - 12PM
    @ Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto

    @ 505 East Charleston Road, Palo Alto, CA 94306 (map)

  • BAC First - Team

    Head Coaches: IM Faik Aleskerov (13669090)
    and GM Zviad Izoria (12922861)

    Team Members

    Palo Alto - Saturdays 10AM-12PM

    Avan Griggs
    Kayan Griggs
    Haleyv Kasper
    Akshay Joshi
    Adarsh Krishnan
    Marcus Lau
    Raphael (Raphi) Leung
    Jacob Levin
    Abir Mehta
    Kaiyan Nageswaran
    Riaan Parikh
    Ashwin Rajan
    Sanketa Rangam
    Sahil Shivakumar
    Amay Srinivasan
    Kevin Sun
    Everett Wu
    Michael Xiao
    Malcolm Xielle

    San Jose - Saturdays 3-5PM
    Cecily Ablaza
    Kekoa Ablaza
    Kiana Ablaza
    Darren Agbayani
    Mani Bekele
    Debnshu Ghosh
    Upanana Halder
    Neel Krishnan
    Hrishikesh Lakshman
    Ian Liao
    Rahima Nazirudeen
    Jeremy Qiu
    Dylan Umino
    Stephen Zhu

    First Team - Acceptance Guidelines

    Due to the young age of the potential First Team Members,
    the following guidelines have been established:

    Applications for becoming a First Team member will be received on a continuing basis, and subject to the following procedure before accepting any player to the Team:
    1) Applicants will be encouraged to try out one First Team meeting after applying to the Team;

    2) Applicants will be evaluated by the Head Coaches and recommendation of the readiness of any applicants will be made to the parents and coordinator after the try-out meeting;
    There will be no charge if your child chooses not to continue after the class. If you continue, you will be charged the regular monthly fee.

    3) Upon acceptance to the First Team, new members can join the Team and meetings on the first meeting of every month;

    Background Considerations
    Developmentally, it is typical for children between 6 years and 12 years to at times have difficulty focusing attention and listening to instructions. These behaviors are quite typical when a child is engaged in an activity they might not yet be ready for, or are not fully motivated to participate in.

    Therefore, any applicants’ readiness for and ability to positively engage in a competitive chess environment for our First Team will be assessed before officially accepting the player to the First Team.
    . While registration for the First Chess Team is open to any player wanting to participate. This DOES NOT mean, that every child is a good fit for this type of learning environment.

    a) It should be the explicit goal of every student to achieve a rating of 1200+ over time to promote to the Intermediate class.

    b) It is paramount that your child’s developmental readiness for this type of environment includes the ability to engage seriously in competitive chess. The environment is meant for committed, dedicated players who desire to work hard to take their chess skills to the next level.

    c) Participation in the team class is an opportunity and privilege, and while we at BAC want to support all players interested in chess, we do ask that you please think about whether a competitive atmosphere with expectations of work and behavior is the right fit for your child. If this is not the case, please know that we understand not every child is developmentally ready for this type of structure, and we have other classes available where the learning is done in a more relaxed environment.

    The First Team is using the "Polgar book" as their main source of excercises and problems to solve. You can purchase a copy through Amazon:
    Chess 5334: Problems, Combinations and Games by Laszlo Polgar.


    BAC Teams

    BayAreaChess' teams are starting in August 2015 by inviting some of the Bay Area's most dedicated scholastic players with the mission to provide them with a format of training where they can elevate their chess to the next level. We do this by offering strong training with title player coaches combined with a team oriented method of training and support that will give these young players a valuable experience they can apply to both their chess and to their personal lives.

    This is a team for players with any rating :)
    Do you think you'd be a good fit to this team, and would like us to consider you?
    Please, email us why you should be considered and what value you think you bring to the BAC Team. All submissions will be considered. Or just show up at the Team meeting and let's talk!

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    Chess Coach FAQ

    Recommendations of the Chess Coaches based on frequently asked questions

    Tournaments - how often should they play and what kind of tournaments? TBA

    Online sites - Let me know if there's anything worth recommending other than chess.com/chesskid.com? TBA

    Other resources - books, apps? TBA

    Private coaching - Parents often ask at what point they should get a coach. Our opinion on this is that a private coach isn't necessary unless they're very serious about chess. A good guideline to start thinking about possible private coaching is when they reach USCF rated 800-1000.

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    2018 Schedule of team-meetings

    Team Meeting
    # of Classes
    Sep 8, 15, x, 29 3
    6, 13, 20, x 3
    3, 10, 17, x 3
    1, x, 15, 22, x 3
    Jan x, 12, 19, 26 3
    Feb 2, 9, x, 23 3
    Mar 2, x, 16, 23, 30 4
    Apr 6, 13, 20, x 3
    May 4, 11, 18, x 3

    List of tournaments BAC team members are encouraged to attend in 2018
    and the "off weekends" are designed around these tournaments:
    if class is falling on these tournament dates, we encourage team members
    to take a 1/2pt bye in the tournament to attend the class.

    Half-day scholastic tournament weekly @ various cities:

    Special events:

    Nov 23 - 2018 BayAreaChess Thanskgiving Kids Tournament

    Dec 8-9 - 2018 CalChess Grade Level Championship


Upcoming Tournaments
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