• 2018 CalChess
      Grade Level Championship

      December 8 and/or 9, 2018

      @ Alameda County Fairgrounds (map)
      501 Pleasanton Ave, Pleasanton, CA 94566

      This is the official CalChess State Grade Level Championship for K-12 all all levels/ratings.
    • Main Event: Prizes

      KG - Grades 8: Trophies to top 15 players

      Grades 9-12:
      Trophies to top 3 players

      Trophies to top 10 players

      Trophies to Top 5 teams in each section (Top 3 in Grades 9-12 & JV)

      Club: Trophies to Top 5 clubs in each section (Top 3 in Grades 9-12 & JV)

      All Top 15 trophies will be given out regardless of total points.
      If a player is not in the Top 15, but has a winning record, they will get a commemorative super performance trophy.
      All players who didn't get a trophy will get a commemorative medal.

      What's a winning record? It's 50+% points of the total.
      5 rounds --> Max point: 5 points --> Winning record: 3.0 & up
      6 rounds --> Max points: 6 points --> Winning record 3.5 & up

 Main Event: Sections

13 Championship Sections based on grade:

No Play-ups allowed at this tournament!

Kindergarten, Grades 1, 2, & 3
: 1 day tournament - Saturday only

Grade 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, & 12: 2 day tournament - Saturday AND Sunday

2 Junior Varsity Sections based on grade & rating:
K-6 u500 & K-12 u800 - 1 day tournament (Sunday only)

Dec 2018 Supplement ratings will be assigned to players

Do you need to miss one or more rounds? Request a BYE!
Half-point bye available for two round if requested before the start of the Round 1.
No byes allowed for the last round.

Please request a 0 point bye of you're missing a round so we don't withdraw you.


Tournament Entry Fee -- SAME AS LAST YEAR!

Kindergarten - Grade 3: $49 (Sat only)
Grade 4-12: $62 (Sat & Sun)
K-6 JV (u500) & K-12 JV (u800): $49 (Sun only)
Blitz: $14
CalChess Membership (required): $5 (good for 1 year)
No Play-ups allowed!

Late Fee
Registering after Dec 1: +$15  
after Dec 7 & onsite +$30
no late fee for Blitz

No play-up allowed. Everyone must play in their grade they attend at school.
Homeschoolers' grade is determined by their birth-date.

Tips for registering online:
when you visit www.bayareachess.com/my/grades
you'll need to make THREE selections:
- one tournament section (either Grade or JV section)
- one statement regarding the CalChess membership
- one statement regarding the USCF membership
    • Kindergarten - Grade 3: Schedule
      (Saturday Only)

      Time Control: G/30; d5
      Saturday ONLY

      On-site Registration: Saturday 8:00-8:30am
      5 Rounds of G/30; d5

      Round 1: 9am
      Round 2: 11am
      Round 3: 1pm
      Round 4: 2:30pm
      Round 5: 4:15pm

      lunch break is between 12-1pm
    • Grade 4 - 12: Schedule
      (Saturday & Sunday)

      Time Control: G/60; d5
      Saturday AND Sunday

      On-site Registration: Saturday 8:00-8:30am
      6 Rounds of G/60; d5

      Round 1: Sat 9am
      Round 2: Sat 12pm noon
      Round 3: Sat 3pm
      Round 4: Sun 9am
      Round 5: Sun 12pm noon
      Round 6: Sun 3:30pm

      lunch break is between 11:30am-12pm
    • Junior Varsity Sections
      (Sunday Only)

      These two sections are side events for the Grade Level Championship,
      so these are NOT official state championship sections or titles.

      These have been designed to be available for those, who are:
      - in K-Grade3 and they must play in the Saturday 1day section & want to come back for another day;
      - those lower rated players who want to make sure they are competing with players similar levels (but different grade level);

      Two sections:
      K-Grade6 u500
      K-Grade12 u800

      Time Control: G/30; d5
      Sunday only

      On-site Registration: 8-8:30am
      5 Rounds of G/30; d5

      Round 1: 9am
      Round 2: 11am
      Round 3: 1pm
      Round 4: 2:30pm
      Round 5: 4pm

      lunch break is between 12-1pm
    • Blitz Schedule
      (Saturday only)

      Time Control: G/5; d0
      Registration 6-6:15pm
      Games 6:30-8:30pm

      Sections: KG - Grade 3, Grades 4 - 6 and Grades 7 - 12

      Individual Prizes: Trophies to the Top 3 players in each section

      Team Prizes: Trophies to the Top 3 teams in each section: K-3 and 4-12
    • What's New? Rules and Regulations

      Per the latest CalChess scholastic regulations, players will be allowed to compete for both a School Team and a Club Team.
      This means that a player's score will count both into the School Team and the Club Team.

      To form a School Team: minimum 2 students enrolled as a full time sudents at the same school. No combined schools allowed.
      Top 3 player's score count in the Grade Level Championship.

      To form a Club Team: minimum 2 players must be the member of the same chess club.
      Top 3 player's score counts.
      Club member requirements: club members must attend at least 6 regularly scheduled classes with a particular scholastic chess program over a period of at least 3 months immediately preceeding the tournament.
    • New to Tournaments?

      This tournament will follow the Swiss Tournament rules, and will be rated by USCF.
      For more questions regarding the tournament, and other details, please visit
      1) our page that was made for parents and players who are new to tournaments:

      2) You can also check out frequently asked questions at

      Please keep an eye out for orientation email about the tournament that will be sent in the afternoon/evening on Thursday December 6th. Please, visit your profile page to make sure that you have provided an email address: http://bayareachess.com/account/update/
      Should you have any questions, or need help with anything, you may contact us using this link (or email us at ask-usetheATsymbol-bayareachess.com.
    • Vendor Table & Chairs Rental

      Includes chairs and an 8' x30" table!
      a. $100 per day
      b. $150 for both days
    • Team areas

      Please contact organizers to request a separated team area in the Parent room for no charge.
    • Organizer and TDs

      Chief TDs: National TD Tom Langland, National TD John McCumiskey

      Chief Organizer: dr. Judit Sztaray

      Other TDs: Jordan Langland, Richard Koepcke, Michael D'Alfonsi,
      James Bethany, Matt LeForce, Arthur Liou, and many others.

    • Need to stay overnight?

      Special chess group rate has been arrranged at:

      Courtyard Pleasanton
      5059 Hopyard Road
      Pleasanton, CA 94588

      $99 for a double queen room!
      Last day to book: 11/28/18

      You can call (800) 321-2211
      and ask for the Bay Area Chess State Championships Room Block
      or go online:
      Book Here