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    Welcome BACk by Popular Demand!

    2021 Signature Tourneys

    Welcome to BAC! The Happiest Place on Earth!
    Begin and continue your fulfilling journey here.

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    Welcome to the Happiest Place on Earth!
    These events are for players under 18 years with US Chess Federation (USCF) rating under 1400 (or unrated).
    Others, please check out our regular/adult tournaments.

Officially US Chess Federation OTB Rated Tournaments!

  • These tournaments will award/update official US Chess Federation (USCF) national over-the-board (OTB) rating (not online rating)! USCF membership is required and we will process all memberships. Please renew/signup with your tournament registration.

COVID-19 Precautions

  • Everyone's safety is our top priority. Accordingly, we will enforce all prevailing COVID-19 protocols (such as masks, social distancing, frequent handwashing, no physical contact, ...).. We need your cooperation to keep everyone's safe so expect the following:
    1. We will only allow players the playing area. (No spectators/non-players allowed.)
    2. We will require all our staff to be vaccinated and regularly tested.
    3. Site specific information:
      • Cupertino Juniper Hilton: We will require all games to be played outside (unless both players insist to play inside). Please see detailed information about COVID safety protocols.
      • San Jose Chess Center: We will limit children's tournaments at San Jose Chess Center. This is 12 players and 2 vaccinated staff members (aka pod) until further notice. Please see detailed information about COVID safety protocols.

General Information

  • Contactless Awards

    • We will award BAC€oin (BA€) that are redeemable for prizes.
    • 6 BA€/point
      min 3 BA€/tourney
    • Medals = 3 BA€
    • Trophies
      9 BA€ = Medium 1-Post
      18 BA€ = L 1-Post
      36 BA€ = XL 1-Post
      100 BA€ = XXL 2-Post
      200 BA€ = XXXL 3-Post
      300 BA€ = XXXXL 4-Post
  • Start Times

    • Swissly: 3pm
    • Quadsly: 9am or 12pm (arrive 15 mins before start)
    BAC invented Swissly (4 games) & Quadsly (3 games) to provide flexibility under COVID-19 capacity constraints (such as relaxating the section/group cutoffs). Swissly sections:
    • Champ (800-1399)
    • Premier (500-799)
    • Champ (unrated & under 499)
    Quadsly: check-in highly recommended!
    • Add @bayareachess.com to safe senders
    • Reconfirm the email address in your profile
    • Swissly Entry Fees:
      47 at hotels
      39 at BAC office
      (Optional Play-up Fee: 11)
    • Quadsly Entry Fees:
      35 at hotels
      29 at BAC office
    • Onsite & Late Fees: 15
  • Calendar of Events

    More children and regular/adult tournaments coming in the Summer and beyond! Please check back frequently.
    16 [sold out]: Q (9a), Q (12p), S (3pm)
    30 [sold out]: Q (9a), Q (12p), S (3p)
    6 [sold out]: Q (9a), Q (12p), S (3p)
    20 [sold out]: Q (9a), Q (12p), S (3p)
    27: Q (9a [sold out]), Q (12p), S (3p)
    11: Q (9a), Q (12p), S (3p)
    25 style="color:red">[sold out]: Q (9a), Q (12p), S (3p)
    8 [sold out]: Q (9a), Q (12p), S (3p)
    22 [sold out]: Q (9a), Q (12p), S (3p)
    29 [sold out]:: Q (9a), Q (12p), S (3p)
    12 [sold out]: Q (9a), Q (12p), S (3p)
    26 [sold out]: Q (9a), Q (12p), S (3p)
    *new* 10: Q (9a), Q (12p), S (3p)
    *new* 24: Q (9a), Q (12p), S (3p)
    June reopening 12 [sold out]: Q (9a), Q (12p), S (3p) 17 [sold out]: Q (9a), Q (12p), S (3p) NA (Fremont hosted Bay Area Chess Championship) 18 [sold out]: Q (9a), Q (12p), S (3p) *new* 16: Q (9a), Q (12p), S (3p)
    San Jose @
    BAC Center
    12 [sold out]: Q (12p), S (3p)
    9 [sold out]: Q (9a), Q (12p), S (3p)
    15: Q (12p), S (3p)
    23 [sold out]: Q (9a), Q (12p), S (3p)
    13 [sold out]: Q (9a), Q (12p), S (3p)
    19 [sold out]: S (3p)
    10: S (3p)
    18: Q (9a), Q (12p), S (3p)
    14: Q (12p), S (3p) 19: Q (12p), S (3p) *new* 3: Q (9a), Q (12p), S (3p)
    *new* 9: Q (12p), S (3p)
    *new* 17: Q (9a), Q (12p), S (3p)
    *new* 24: Q (9a), Q (12p), S (3p)
    • Q indicates Quadsly     • S indicates Swissly

Basic Orientation

  • After Registering

    • Check entries to confirm registration; Contact us to report any errors
    • Be nice to everyone!
  • When You Come

    • Time Control: G/30 d5 (30 mins/game & delay of secs/move per players)
    • Arrive 15 mins before start time!
    • General: Report errors, if any, to the Tournament Director (TD) ASAP
    • Be nice to everyone!
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