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Wins Abound on Day 2 of 2018 US Championships (with Analysis)

Posted: 1 year, 10 months ago

By IM Vignesh Panchanatham

Fireworks occurred in the second round of the US Championships with an impressive 4 out of 6 decisive games.

GM Shankland drew GM Xiong and GM Nakamura drew GM Zherebukh, but the rest of the field avoided peaceful results. GM Akobian and GM So both won their second consecutive games of the tournament, defeating GM Liang and GM Onischuk respectively. GM Caruana won his game after his first-round draw, bringing home the full point against GM Lenderman.

Unfortunately, GM Izoria lost to GM Robson. Izoria captured a risky pawn, but successfully complicated the position despite being worse. Just at the cusp of another miraculous draw, he faltered and allowed Robson’s attack to push through.

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