BayAreaChess & USCF Memberships

  1. BayAreaChess and USCF Memberships   Enroll

BAC Teams

  1. BAC Teams (Elite, A-, Intermediate, Beginner Teams)   Enroll

Youth Recurring Tournaments (Scholastic)

  1. Scholastic Signature Half-day Swiss & Quads Tournaments @ various cities   Enroll
  1. Rising Star Non-rated Tournament (for first time tournament players)   Enroll

Recurring Tournaments (Regular & Advanced Youth)

  1. BAC Championship Series (multi-day)   Enroll
  1. Grandprix Tournaments (1-day $uper, Luper and Duper$wiss)   Enroll

Special Events (Scholastic)

  1. 2017 Kids Thanksgiving Championship   Enroll
  1. 2017 CalChess Grade Level Championship   Enroll
  1. 2017 North American All Girls Championship   Enroll
  1. 2017 Special Events   Enroll
  1. Bi-Annual Northern California Fall School Team Championship   Enroll

Special Events (Regular & Advanced Youth)

  1. 2017 California Class Warfare Championship (Thanksgiving weekend)   Enroll
  1. 2017 Special Events   Enroll


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