BayAreaChess: Rising Star AM
Sep 8, 2019 - San Jose

Total: 13

Results posted on 9/10 @ 10:09am

@ BAC Center,
2050 Concourse Drive #42, San Jose, CA 95131 (map)


# Name ID Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Tot Place
1 Bhavya Krishnan 17100692 unr. W7 W8 W4 3.0 1st place
2 Easton Chong   unr. W6 W3 W9 3.0
3 Aditya Banwasi   unr. B--- L2 W10 2.0 3rd place
4 Benjamin Sun   unr. W5 W10 L1 2.0
5 Ivri Einy   unr. L4 B--- W11 2.0
6 Aadya Garg   unr. L2 D11 W8 1.5 6th place
7 Ethan Wang   unr. L1 L9 B--- 1.0 7th place
8 Maya Arun   unr. W11 L1 L6 1.0
9 Noah Park   unr. L10 W7 L2 1.0
10 Selena Zhang 17111858 unr. W9 L4 L3 1.0
11 Yan Pan   unr. L8 D6 L5 0.5 11th place
12 Arjun Suresh   unr. U--- U--- U--- 0.0 12th place
13 Dan Shu   unr. U--- U--- U--- 0.0

W1 - Win against player #1
L1 - Loss against player #1
D1 - Draw against player #1
F1: Forfeit loss against players #1
other possible signs:
U - unplayed game, this is usually when player withdraw from future rounds, or entering the tournament late, so player gets U for past rounds.
X - forfeit win against someone, most of the times the opponent didn not show up. Since there is no actual game played, the USCF rating will not be affected.
B - full point bye due to uneven number of players
H - half point bye due to pre-requested half point bye (and rules permitting the half point bye for that round)