• 2019 Signature Youth Tournaments

    These recurring tournaments have spawned most youth prodigies on the Top 100 list.
    If you want to get to the top, the journey starts here... Let the journey begin!
    You may participate in either or both of the following events...

    Tip: Choose Swiss and/or Quads based on your schedule...
    Swiss are in the morning and slightly longer than the Quads in the afternoon.

    Please note: these tournaments are for scholastic players of 18 years or younger, and with rating under 1400.
    Adults and advanced scholastic players should consider recurring open tournaments: GrandPrix and Championships.
  • Swiss

    Prizes: All players with a plus score in each section.

    Onsite Registration: 9-9:15am - Check-in is not required
    Start time:
    End: about 1:30pm
    Rounds are on a rolling schedule: as soon as one section is finished a round, next round is paired and started.

    Time Control:
    4 rounds of G/30 d5
    (each player gets 30 minutes, so one game can last up to an hour)

    3 sections:
    Based on USCF Published Rating Supplement
    Booster: unrated-499
    Premier: 500-799
    Champion: 800-1399

    Sections might be merged based on registration numbers.
    Inquire possible merging on site at TD or via email.
    Online Entry Fee: $36
    Onsite Entry Fee: $51
    Play-up Fee: $15
    USCF membership is required.

    Late Fee: $15
    (Applied if capacity has reached 80%)
  • Quads

    Prizes: All players with a plus score.

    Mandatory Check-in & Registration: 1:30-2pm
    Start time: around 2:15pm or when the TD is ready with pairing.
    End: about 5pm

    Time Control:
    3 rounds of round robin with G/30, d5
    (each player gets 30 minutes, so one game can last up to an hour)

    Check-in with the TD is REQUIRED. If you do not check in by 2:00pm, you CANNOT NOT PLAY.

    Four players based on USCF Current Rating
    Players listed in rating order and grouped into 4 player groups from top down.

    Bottom section might be changed to mini-Swiss if number of players are between 5 and 7 for the bottom group.

    Online Entry Fee: $31
    Onsite Entry Fee: $46
    USCF membership is required.

    Late Fee: $15
    (Applied if capacity has reached 80%)
  • Schedule

    Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
    Cupertino Aloft (map)

    1, 22

    27 4, 24 21 27 9 14
    Fremont Marriott (map) 15 14 10, 18 14, 15 26 10, 23 8, 22
    Foster City Courtyard Marriott (map) 8 13 7 5, 20 2 21, 28
    Palo Alto Crown Plaza (map) 16    18    12    
    Pleasanton Larkspur Landing (map) 29            
    Sacramento / Rancho Cordova Courtyard Marriott (map) 15 13 10 7 12 9 14
    San Jose / BAC Center (map) 9 (Q), 30 14 (Q), 7, 28 11 (S) 8 (Q) 6 (Q), 20, 27 3, 10 (S), 24 8 (Q), 15, 29
    San Ramon Courtyard Marriott (map) 2 21 15 13 15

    *For 2020 tournaments*: Visit here for more info

    Important: Please always check Entries before the event to check your entry and look out for any notifications regarding change in schedule/location/other details or rarely cancellation of event.
    Please make sure you have your email address set in your user account as we use email to send orientation email and communicate any change in the events.
    Do you have a player with special accommodation need? Please read this page and let us know in advance!


BayAreaChess Center @ San Jose: 2050 Concourse Dr San Jose, CA 95131 (map)
NEW Cupertino Aloft: 10165 N. De Anza Blvd., Cupertino, CA 95014 (map)
Fremont Marriott: : 46100 Landing Pkwy, Fremont, CA 94538 (map)
Foster City Courtyard Marriott: 550 Shell Blvd, Foster City, CA 94404 (map)
Larkspur Landing in Pleasanton: 5535 Johnston Drive, Pleasanton, CA 95336 (map)
Rancho Cordova Courtyard Marriott: 10683 White Rock Rd, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670(map)
San Ramon Courtyard Marriott: 18090 San Ramon Valley Blvd., San Ramon, CA 94583 (map)