• Official National Championship Event

    Authorized by US Chess Federation (USCF)!
    The team that wins this event will be crowned Amateur Team South Champions!
    This team will play in the Final Four of Amateur Team National Championship.
  • Main Event on Feb. 28 or 29 to Mar. 1

    Team Awards & Prizes

    Special commemorative clocks to top 4 players and trophy to the team for:
    • Top 2 Teams overall
    • Top Team u2000
    • Top Team u1700
    • Top Team u1400
    • Top Team u1100

    Trophies to all players of the top team in following categories:
    • Top Senior (50 & over)
    • Top All-Women
    • Top College
    • Top High School (Gr 9-12)
    • Top Junior High School (Gr 6-8)
    • Top Elementary (Gr K-6)
    • Top Family
    • Top Industry (same employer)
    The organizers reserve the right to ask for proof that all players qualify for the team for the trophy awards.

    Individual Awards & Prizes

    Special commemorative clocks to:
    • Top scorer on each board
    Trophies to:
    • Top reserve
    • Second highest scorer on each board (1-4)
  • Kids Event on Feb 29

    Team Awards & Prizes

    Trophies to each player in:
    • Top Team overall
    • Top Team u1000
    • Top Team u700
    • Top Team u400

    Individual Awards & Prizes

    Trophies to:
    • Top scorer on each board
    • Top reserve
  • Awards Handling Service

    If you are unable to accept their award during the award ceremony, please ask someone to accept it on your behalf. If no one is available to pick your award, you may request us (before the awards) to ship the trophy by paying the shipping cost.
  • General Schedule

    Round Times
    Round Times
    1-Day (Kids)
    Round Times
    Onsite Registration Fri 6-6:30 pm Sat 12:30-1 pm Sat 7:30-8 am
    Round 1 Fri 7 pm Sat 1:30 pm Sat 8:30 am
    Round 2 Sat 2:30 pm Sat 4 pm Sat 10 am
    Round 3 Sat 7pm Sat 11:30 am
    Round 4 Sun 10am Sat 1 pm
    Round 5 Sun 2:30pm N/A

    Blitz Side Event

    1. Onsite Registration: Sunday 7:30-8 pm
    2. Rounds: Sunday 8:15-9:50 pm
  • Accessibility Information

    We are dedicated to making all our events accessible and inclusive for everyone.
    • Please inform us at least two weeks before the tournament if you have any special requirements during the tournament.
    • We will attempt to make reasonable and fair accommodations.
    We thank you for your continued support in making our events the happiest place on Earth.
  • Fees

    • Regular Event:
      1. Individual: 59
      2. Team (4 or 5 players): 199
      3. Late fee:
        • 2/22-24: extra 10/player (25/team)
        • 2/25-27: extra 20/player (50/team)
        • Onsite: extra 26/player (66/team)
    • Kids Event:
      1. Individual: 29
      2. Team (4 or 5 players): 99
      3. Late fee:
        • 2/22-28: extra 10/player (25/team)
        • Onsite: extra 16/player ($41/team)
    • Blitz:
      1. Individual: 15
      2. Onsite: extra 2
    • Change Fee:
      • A change fee of $10 will apply for any changes within 3 days of the tournament.
  • Membership Requirement

    • US Chess Federation (USCF) membership is required.
    • Please confirm your membership at bayareachess.com/uscfid and renew it here if expired.
    • US Chess Membership annual fees are based on age:
      1. 12 & under = 17
      2. 13-15 = 22
      3. 16-24 = 26
      4. 25+ = 40
  • Teams Rules

    • A team consists of four players plus optional reserve.
    • A team's rating is the average of the top 4 rated players in the team.
    • Average rating four highest must be under 2200 in the Main Event.
    • Average rating four highest must be under 1200 in the Kids Event.
    • The difference between ratings of board 3 and 4 must be less than 1000.
    • Ratings are assigned based on January 2020 supplement but TDs may use their discretion to assign ratings.
    • Teams are paired based on the Swiss system (similar to individual tournament) using the team scores and team rating.
    • Four players from each team play each round. The Boards are numbered based on rating order (with Board 1 the highest-rated player). The two highest-rated players on each team are on Board 1, ..., The two lowest-rated players on each team are on Board 4.
    • Please contact us if you need a team and we will find you one!
  • Electronic Devices

    1. Phones: Please turn off all phones in the playing area. The TD may forfeit anyone found operating a phone during an active game.
    2. Electronic Recording Devices: Please come to the registration desk 20 minutes before your first round to get an Authorization Tag for any electronic recording device before using it. The TD may confiscate any devices without an Authorization Tag.
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    1. Don't have a USCF ID? Please purchase here.
    2. Don't have a team? You can still play. Register as an individual and we will help you find a team by:
      • Posting your name in the entries.
      • Posting teams who are looking players.
      We will only share your information with registered players/teams so they may contact you through us. Please register and we will help you! In the past, all players who have registered have always found a team to play (sometimes on the day of the tournament).
    3. How to register multiple members in one team? Please select the team registration, using one of the team member's user ID and then enter the other players' names and USCF IDs in the Additional Notes section (right below the section list). Alternatively, you can email us the players' names on your team. Mention your team name during registration if you have one!
    4. Can't find your answer? Please contact us with player's USCF ID and we can tell you which section.
  • Staff

    • Chief Organizer: Salman Azhar
    • Other Organizers: Zarina Azman, Rahima Azman
    • Chief Tournament Directors: National TD Tom Langland, National TD Rudolph Abate
    • Other Tournament Directors: Yousef Azhar, Aditya Veerathu, and many others.

Terms and Conditions
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