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    BA€oins Information, Exchange Rates, and Balances

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    Welcome to the Happiest Place on Earth!

Contactless Prizes | BA€oins Balances | Exchange Rates

    • Contactless Prizes and BA€oins Balances

      • To promote delayed gratification and reduce contact during the tournaments, you will earn BA€oin (BA€) for scholastic tournaments.
      • You can redeem these BA€oins for trophies, medals, and other prizes.
      • For signature tournaments, you will earn 6 BA€/point (min 3, max 24 BA€/tourney).
    • BA€oin Current Exchange Rates

      • 3 BA€ = 1 Medal
      • 9 BA€ = Medium Trophy
      • 18 BA€ = Large 1-Post Trophy
      • 36 BA€ = XL 1-Post Trophy
      • 100 BA€ = Giant 2-Post Trophy
      • 200 BA€ = Giant 3-Post Trophy
      • 300 BA€ = Giant 4-Post Trophy
  • BA€ Leaderboard

    To check your BA€ balance at any time, see the leaderboard by clicking here or scanning the QR code below.
    You can also preview the leaderboard at the bottom of this page.
    QR Code to Check Leaderboard Trophies!
  • Schedule an Appointment to Redeem BA€

    To redeem your BA€, please schedule an appointment at least 24 hours ahead using this form or scan the QR code below. If you give us a shorter notice, we will try our best but it is unlikely that we have your trophy ready.
    QR Code to Pick Trophies!
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