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    BA€oins Information, Exchange Rates, & Balances

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    Welcome to the Happiest Place on Earth!

Contactless Prizes | BA€oins Balances | Exchange Rates

  • Contactless Prizes and BA€oins Balances

    • To reduce contact during the tournaments, we will award BA€oin (BA€) that are redeemable for prizes.
    • For signature tournaments, we will award 6 BA€/point (min 3 BA€/tourney) .
    • We will have a huge prize ceremony post-COVID. If you are moving out of the area, you may redeem your prizes at out monthly designated tournament.
    • You may check your BA€oin Leaderboard at any time.
  • BA€oin Current Exchange Rates

    • 3 BA€ = 1 Medal
    • 9 BA€ = Medium 1-Post Trophy
    • 18 BA€ = L 1-Post Trophy
    • 36 BA€ = XL 1-Post Trophy
    • 100 BA€ = XXL 2-Post Trophy
    • 200 BA€ = XXXL 3-Post Trophy
    • 300 BA€ = XXXXL 4-Post Trophy
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