• BayAreaChess - Mission


    Mission Statement of BayAreaChess

    BayAreaChess's Motto is:
    Transforming Lives Through Chess

    BayAreaChess leadership, staff, choaches and volunteers are working hard every day to fulfill this motto and mission.

    BayAreachess' oiriginal official mission is:
    BayAreaChess provides everyone with enjoyable activities that develop intellectual, mathematical, analytical, visual, and personal skills.

    BAC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (Tax ID: 26-2776273).

    Meet our Board of Directors, Board of Advisors and our Leadership.

    Get involved with BayAreaChess, and contribute towards making chess available to everyone, and start be a part of touching so many lives through the game of chess.


    Bay Area Chess started as a parent volunteer organization when Founder Salman Azhar's son moved to a new school with a low-quality high-cost commercial program. The goal was to sharpen the minds of our own children through top-notch instruction by deeply passionate teachers.

    Our work was so successful that other parents requested programs and events at their school. We had to grow fast and hired professional coaching and administrative staff to support the growth. Almost 15 years later, our values remain the same and we treat all children like our own and do for them what we would do for our children. We have constantly evolved and improved our program to stay committed to that goal.

    Here are some of the key manifestations of that commitment:
    1. We maintain a low average student-teacher ratio.
    2. We bring coaching and events to your area at times convenient for you.
    3. We recruit the best professional coaches by compensating them higher than commercial companies.
    4. We maintain our fees low with the help of key volunteers who have reached a phase in their life where giving back to the community is the most important thing.

    In 2011 BayAreaChess gained Nonprofit status, and today operates as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.
    We are proud to be the biggest chess non-profit organization in the West Coast, employing the largest coaching staff, organizing tournaments across the Bay Area every single weekend, providing a platform for dedicated chess players and parents to have strong training available for everyone.

    We welcome everyone and anyone into the BAC Family, and would like to Thank the love and support of the chess community.
    It's because of you we are constantly striving to get better, and renewing our offerings to become the best chess organization in the US.
    See how you can get involved: volunteering or supporting BAC has never been easier!

    Dr. Judit Sztaray
    Executive Director